Na-ion batteries

Design strategies for electrode and electrolyte materials

Na-ion batteries (NIBs) with high-power capability have vast potential as an economical, complementary energy storage device to Li-ion batteries (LIBs). Conceptually, the NIBs behave similarly to their Lithium counterparts; however, unique challenges need to be solved to reach commercial applicability, due to the larger size, the lower potential of sodium and the higher solubility of the Na-based solid electrolyte interface layer.

Our NIB research activities are centred on fundamental research in solving the key problems associated with NIB electrode materials and electrolyte, the solutions of which are then applied to the real-time application in prototype 18650 cells (energy hub, Amiens for prototype cell assembly). The electrode material research involves identification and synthesis of new electrode materials and their optimisation by understanding the structural evolutions during sodium insertion/ de-insertion, hence cycling stability. In parallel, we also investigate electrolyte formulations with different additives and study the electrode-electrolyte interface and its stability by electrochemical and spectroscopic techniques. The NIB research at CSE has so far led to several patents, publications and the development of Na-ion 18650 cells using indigenous electrode and electrolyte materials.

Selected publications:

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