Collaboration & Visiting Scientists

The field of electrochemical energy storage is by definition a multidisciplinary field, and we are benefiting from fruitful collaborations with reserchers and organizations around the world:

Public research organizations

  • The researchers and industrials from the French network on electrochemical energy storage (RS2E) – website
  • The researchers and industrials from the European research network on batteries (Alstore ERI) – website
  • The researchers of the Laboratoire de réactivité et chimie des solides (LRCS) – website


  • Marie-Liesse Doublet and Matthieu Saubanère, ICG, Montpellier, for computational work
  • Artem Abakumov and Gustaaf Van Tendeloo, EMAT, Belgium, for TEM
  • Danielle Gonbeau and Dominique Foix, IPREM Pau for XPS
  • Petr Novak and Erik Berg at PSI, Switzerland, for DEMS measurements
  • Antonella Iadecola, synchrotron SOLEIL for XAS
  • Arnaud Demortiere, LRCS Amiens for TEM
  • Hervé Vezin, LASIR Lille for EPR
  • Elodie Salager and Michael Deschamps, CEMHTI Orléans, for NMR
  • Christel Laberty, LCMCP Paris
  • Philippe Barboux and Domitille Giaume at Chimie ParisTech
  • Christian Serre and Antoine Tissot, ENS Paris
  • Peter Bruce, Oxford University
  • Robert Dominko, National Institute of Chemistry Laboratory for Materials Electrochemistry, Ljubjana, Slovenia
  • Rosa Palacin, ICMAB, Barcelona
  • Bruce Dunn, UCLA
  • Claire Grey, Cambridge University
  • Harry Tuller, MIT


  • Solvay
  • Renault
  • Airbus/European Space Agency