Batterie sodium-ion: une révolution en marche

Le réseau français RS2E, qui réunit chercheurs et industriels, a dévoilé le premier prototype de batterie sodium-ion. Cette technologie inspirée des batteries lithium-ion qui équipent déjà ordinateurs portables et véhicules électriques pourrait permettre le stockage de masse des énergies renouvelables dites intermittentes.

C’est une annonce qui risque de faire du bruit dans le monde très concurrentiel des batteries. Des chercheurs français du réseau RS2E ont dévoilé aujourd’hui le premier prototype de batterie sodium-ion 18650, un format standard utilisé notamment dans nos ordinateurs portables. L’information n’a l’air de rien pour les non-spécialistes… Et pourtant. Partout sur la planète, aux États-Unis, au Japon, en Angleterre ou encore en Israël, des scientifiques planchent sur cette technologie aujourd’hui considérée comme l’alternative la plus sérieuse aux batteries lithium-ion qui équipent la quasi-totalité des équipements électroniques portatifs (ordinateurs portables, tablettes, smartphones…) et commencent à lorgner sérieusement du côté des véhicules électriques.

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Jean-Marie Tarascon wins the Israeli PM award

The Eric and Sheila Samson Prize, totaling one million US dollars, is the world’s largest monetary prize awarded in the field of alternative fuels and is awarded yearly to scientists who have made critical advancements towards achieving this goal. The winners are selected from a long list of worthy candidates recommended for the prize by university presidents and CEOs in industry, from Israel and from around the world. The winners are selected by a committee of international experts who submit their recommendation to a board of trustees, headed by former Technion President, Professor Yitzhak Apeloig.

The first recipient, Professor Jean Marie Tarascon, awarded the prize for his key contributions to the emergence of the present lithium ion battery materials as an alternative to liquid fuels to power electric vehicles.

The Prize ceremony took place during the Fuel Choices Conference in Tel Aviv on October 31, 2017.

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Jean-Marie Tarascon receives the CNRS Medal of Innovation

Today, Prof. Jean-Marie Tarascon was announced a winner of the 2017 CNRS’ Medal of Innovation. CNRS is France’s public research organization, the medal is awarded each year to 4 scientists “in recognition of outstanding research in fields related to technology, medicine or the social sciences“.

Prof. Tarascon has been honoured for “his numerous breakthroughs in the synthesis of new electrode and electrolyte materials for batteries, the study of lithium reaction mechanisms and the development of new battery configurations […] he is also the inventor of more than 85 patented innovations, a quarter of which have been licensed.” Full story here

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